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Free Fantasy Novel


A young boy gains psychic powers by
battling his inner demons in a shared lucid dream.

Join Eric, Rose and Lucy on their magical
adventures in the Psychic School, and maybe
develop psychic abilities yourself!

A free fantasy novel by Dawn Harshaw.

Table of Contents





Zombies VS Vampires VS Demons

hungry zombies demand brains
risk vampiric exorcism or die
demon assassin executes vampire council
demon butchers zombie horde
you wouldn't download a zombie
demonic butterfly
zombie kitten
vampires crave demon blood
zombie mages bend reality
vampires stole my blood
embrace the demon priestess
behave or zombies will gobble you up

Backstab The World

backstab the world: incursion
backstab the world: treachery   New!

Dream Magic Stories

the vampire lord must die
book of necromancy
eternal september